General Questions

What is Majestic Vacations Club?

It's the most innovative vacation system. Designed especially for the enjoyment of the family that will allow you to visit the most luxurious hotels and exotic destinations whit cheapest prices.

How the club works?

By investing in the club, you get an affiliation that will allow you to enjoy a certain number of weeks at unsurpassed prices and discounts of up to 50% in more then 8.000 higher level resorts worldwide.

What are the main benefits?

Among the most important are:

  • You can travel when you want, not when it touches you, as it is'nt a fixed week.
  • You can know the whole world as it is'nt tied to a property. You can book in more than 8.000 resorts of one, two or three rooms in more than 120 countries worldwide.
  • If you can't travel in a year, don't worry. You don't lose your weeks, you can also give them away or rent them.( Not applicable for groups or travel agencies)
  • You can travel several times ina year. Time is determined by you.
  • As a system of weeks does'nt handle any table of points. You know how many weeks you have available without having to do points calculus.

How many weeks can i enjoy in a year?

Depends on how long you have to enjoy family, as there is no limit of weeks to enjoy in a year.

If i don't use my weeks, i lose them?

No, one of the advantages of being a club partner is that you don't lose the weeks. Can be accumulated year after year as long as time does not exceed the period of use of the membership. For example, a 10 weeks membership may not exceed 10 years of use. It's important to emphasize that if it's not consumed at least one week a year, the partner wil have to cancel $150°° dolars to keep active the membership.

What other benefits does membership have?

Enjoy more savings on your travels through Majestic Vacations Club. You will be able to accessa wide variety of travel services with the ease of booking everything related to your leisure or business trips in one place.

  • Airline tickets
  • Hotels around the world
  • Car rental
  • Cruises
  • Transportation
  • Travel insurance

Types of Weeks

What are the types of weeks?

The weeks that the customer can use, are:

  • CLUB WEEKS: Are the weeks included in the membership of the Vacational Club and allow you to enjoy a week of 8 days and 7 nights for a certain number of people and with special prices for members.
  • VIP WEEKS: Are the additional weeks that are given as a benefit for partners who mantain their timeshare contract active, allow to enjoy a week of 8 days and 7 nights for 4 people with special prices for members and to travel to any destination for the inventory available worldwide.
  • WEEKS OF USE: Are weeks given to timeshare partners requesting a week deposit to travel to destination other than their Resort and governed according to terms of the contract.
  • OTHERS: Are the weeks allocated for promotions management.


Whit how much anticipation to my trip, i must make my reservation?

To guarantee a better search that provides better avaiability and price conditions, booking requests must be handled with 60 days in advance in the middlea and low season and with 180 dayas for high and superhigh seasons.

How the season is determined for a reservation?

It is very important to note that the seasson is handled at the destination site where you want to travel, taking into acount that there are destinations in North America and The Caribbean that are high seasson all year round.

Have I some seasonal restriction for the use of my week?

No, but it should be taken into account that high and super high season should be requested with more anticipation, in orden to be able to have greater opportunites of access to the availability of the Resorts and Hotels of the requested destination.

Reservations must always be made by the holder of the membership?

Not necessarily, one of the main benefits of being a member of the club is to be able to assign or give away his weeks though the owner is who should send a letter where he authorizes a third party to handle a reservation discounting this from the weeks inventory of the membership.

If after paying a reservation I can't travel, can I cancel it?

The cancellation policies are policies established by each Resort or Hotel with which the service agreements for our members are established. These policies may vary from a "No Show" payment, until lose the total value given, therefore, in the confirmation of your reservation you should review the cancellation policies established by the Resort chosen by you.

I can change the name of the holders of the reservation?

Once you have confirm and paid the reservations it's not possible to make any changes on the same.

Types of Unit

What are the types of unit in wich I can stay?





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