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In the case of Colombia, the Civil Aeronautics in the Aeronautical Regulations of Colombia (RAC), establishes that the authorized documents for the identification of travelers prior to the flight are:



- Citizenship card, immigration card or passport. (Copy of the identity card is not admissible as an identification document.

-Military Notebook. 

-Driving license issued in Colombia.

In case of loss or misplacement of any of the aforementioned documents, air transport users may present a password from the National Registry of Civil Status.



-Civil Registry issued by the National Registry of Civil Status, who must identify themselves with this document are minors up to 7 years old

-Identity card, who must identify themselves with this document are minors with 7 years old up to 17.

While the process of the Civil Registry or the Identity Card, minors can present the valid document that states that it is in process issued by the National Registry of Civil Status.

It is essential that travelers present the original documents and no other document is accepted as established in numeral 10.7.2 of the Standardized Manual of Security Measures for Civil Aviation.


In case of total loss of documents, you must present the complaint granted by the competent authorities, the passenger must negotiate with the Airport Police the verification of the judicial records.

The verification of these documents will be carried out at the airline service points at the airports before the flight.

When traveling with minors, the express, notarized and current permission of both parents or the one with whom you are not traveling is required. Please consult the specifications of said permission directly with the airport authorities.


If you travel as a tourist to a CAN Andean Community country (Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru), you can only present your national identification document or passport. You must fill out and carry with you the TAM Andean Migration Card, which is delivered at the time of entering any country of the Community.


Special documents for trips abroad:


  • Valid passport in good condition, as the main international travel document.  Applies to adults and minors.

  • National Identification Document (citizenship or foreigner ID)

  • Travel insurance.  Mandatory for some destinations.

  • Visa for the countries that require it and depending on the country of origin.  This is an authorization granted by governments to foreigners to enter and stay in their territory, in which the time of stay and the activity to develop. This is processed at the accredited consulates in the respective countries and stamped on the passport.

  • Travel ticket.

  • Proof of payment of departure tax.

  • Certificate of health or vaccination when required.

  • Medical certification in case of suffering from any ailment or being pregnant, or having any condition that requires special care during the flight.

  • Apostille: All public documents that are going to be presented abroad must bear the label issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (Legalization or Apostille). If the document is going to take effect in some of the States of the Hague Convention, must be apostilled.



Despite the above, before purchasing your tickets and before boarding your flight, we recommend that you check the minimum documentation requirements that you must meet for your trip, which may vary for domestic or international flights depending on current legislation for every destination.”

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